Only in San Francisco

The carnage

The carnage

I was attending a conference in San Francisco over Valentine’s day. While working hard, I was able to get up early in the morning (thanks to the time difference I couldn’t sleep in) and was able to explore the city in the morning. Aside from the great views and public art work, I got to experience the annual Valentine’s Day pillow fight. On Saturday evening as I was preparing for the final meet and greet opportunity of the conference, I heard a bunch of screaming and yelling from Market Street. I looked down and saw people streaming toward Herman plaza in front of the hotel. They were all carrying pillows. Hmmm. Quiet odd. I lived in SF for 6 years and had never seen this. I thought maybe it was a bunch of well planning concert goers bringing extra padding. When I went downstairs for the dinner, I found out there was a pillow fight in the plaza in front of our hotel. There were several reasons going around the party about why there was a pillow fight, but later research revealed that it started several years ago as an alternative to Valentine’s day for all those whom didn’t have a date. (No one could have thought of this when I was there?) Anyway, the view of the “snow” from our dining area lent a magical air to the evening. As the night was winding down and all business had been done, I went downstairs to take some pics – the only thing was too surreal to miss. A youngster “mistook” me for Nancy Pelosi and after debating the bail out bill, asked if he could hit me with his pillow. It was one of those “you’re in the moment” kind of things, so I said sure. After a couple of soft wacks, he offered me the pillow to return the favor. Only in San Francisco!

Feathers flying

Feathers flying


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