Which Glaze do You Like? Let me know and you could win!

I work in a community studio. The sense of camaraderie is great and working with a couple hundred other potters is inspiring. The one drawback is I am limited to the glazes provided by the studio.

Last year our studio converted from Cone 8 to Cone 6 for its electric kilns. With lots of experimentation, the glaze crew has finally settled on the glaze pallet. And they have done a great job. But its been difficult to decide which glazes and glaze combos I like best.

So while I have been working on my tumbler form, I have been experimenting. There were some combos that were an obvious, “oh, that won’t work”, but there have been plenty of others that I liked. I would like to work with just a few combos to save time. Three combos would be ideal. But how do I whittle it down?

I have a few glaze test tumblers just sitting in my living room so I can see them every day. My husband has even given his opinion. But I’m still having a hard time deciding which 3 combos. So that’s where you come in. The 6 samples are below

Numbered 1-6 from left to right, pick your three favorite combos. And what happens if you pick all 3 winning combos? FREE SHIPPING on your next purchase in my Etsy store! I won’t be glazing for a few more weeks, but get your selections in by April 30th to get free shipping. Oh, and thanks for helping me create my art.


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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2 Responses to Which Glaze do You Like? Let me know and you could win!

  1. Debbie says:

    Three favorite combos:

  2. Mark Strayer says:

    1) Intersting, not sure about the running of the green

    5) Love the blue color here and the contrast on the white clay body

    6) The green and blue are solid combination. I use a similar combination. Safer than the the others above.

    Good luck.

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