Back in the Studio

Yesterday was my first day back in the studio after several weeks away; it was closed for spring cleaning.  It was great to be back and creating fun new pieces.  First order of business though was to prepare last session’s pots (about a dozen that have been accumulating) for glazing.  I wiped them down to remove dust and other gunk and then waxed the bottoms so glaze won’t fuse the pot to the kiln.  

A bevy of pots

A bevy of pots

Then it was on to the  glazing itself.  I glazed a vase for a co-worker as a housewarming gift – she requested the ever popular green and yellow combo.  After several more vases, I moved on to some  bowls that I wasn’t too crazy about (although sometimes glazing can change my opinion about a piece), and a couple of jars.  




Glue the coil to the pot and dap some glue on the coil


Seat the lid on the coil. Load in the kiln.

Jars are always a challenge to glaze. Too much wax and you are left with an ugly streak of unglazed clay, too little wax and you have a fused paperweight.  A trick I learned a while ago is to glue a coil to the pot where the lid would sit and then glue the lid to the to coil (just a few dabs of wood glue works fine).  This technique helps prevent fusion in the event the lid shifts during loading.  The coil is also easier to remove and is likely to cause less damage should it fuse to the pot or the lid.

After lunch in the park (wasn’t that weather spectacular?), I was on to making tumblers and tasting plates. It has been several weeks since I have thrown so things were a challenge – not exactly like getting back on the bike.  I wasn’t thrilled with the tumblers; 1.5 pounds of clay may have been too much.  Of course, I have learned not to judge a piece until it is out of the glaze firing.  Ugly ducklings can become swans.  I should know in a couple of weeks whether they are a success.  If so, you will see them in my Etsy shop.

Not a bad days work – 12 pieces glazed, seven tumblers and three tasting plates thrown (after a couple of disasters).  It was good to be back in the studio.


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