Journey with my Passion – Part 2: The Transition.

The time is nearing.  The paperwork is signed.  As of September 1, I will be a part-time employee at my day job and an associate ceramic artist at the Art League in Alexandria. For those following my journey, you know from Part 1 that I was seeking a place to commit more time to making pots.  One opportunity fell through.  But just days later, another appeared out of the ashes.  Now the hard work and transition begins.


It was one week ago today that I sat with my boss and an HR manager to finalize the approval for me to go part-time.  I was so anxious for it to be done that I didn’t think about how I would feel once it was official.  I left the room queasy.  As my husband said: “you have just stepped through a window”.  Absolutely.  My identity for the last 20 years has been that of a hard-driving, self-supporting professional.  I was so committed to a professional career that I had difficulty considering myself an artist.  Yet here I was choosing this new and uncertain path while taking a substantial pay cut in a down economy.  The fear quickly set in.  What was I thinking?

And then I remembered.  I am following my passion.  I am following something that tickles my nerve endings.  I am also taking that step toward work-life balance I had longed for since graduating from law school.  Ah, I feel my shoulders retreat from my earlobes.  The stress subsides . . .

Ready for the kiln

Ready for the kiln

But wait  . . . There are  projects to wrap up at work. Classes to teach.  Pottery sales to be fulfilled.  Over 20 pots to be glazed.  A house sitter to be secured.  Packing. Dog food to be bought. A sore thumb to be checked out (no it is not arthritis). Oy.  One week I make brave moves toward work-life balance, the next I am consumed in a vortex of activity.

All this hustling around has me exhausted.  Not a good start to my transition and certainly not parting with my old ways.  I guess it will take a while.  I clearly need some training.  So on the advice of a friend, I am taking some time off to rejuvenate and prepare.  I will prepare my body with four days of biking followed by a day of spa pampering.  I will prepare my soul by sketching and journaling and maybe even trying out my new moleskine water color book. I feel the pendulum swing away from frenzy and toward balance already.  I will stick with that vision.


My journey is taking a well-deserved respite next week. Stay tuned for Part 3 and a retreat recap. You can also follow my retreat updates on twitter and facebook.  See you in September.


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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3 Responses to Journey with my Passion – Part 2: The Transition.

  1. StoneTosser says:


    *throws confetti!

  2. Great site…keep up the good work.

  3. Vicky says:

    Courageous! Good for you! 

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