Inspiration Monday: November 2, 2009

Welcome to the second installment of Inspiration Monday.  This week takes me back to metalwork – my number two source of inspiration after nature uninterpreted.

This week I am featuring the work of Washington D.C. jewelry artist Gail Friedman.  I met Gail in June and just fell in love with her work.  I am also the proud owner of one of her cocoa pod pendants, pictured below. These pendants (which can be worn vertically or horizontally) were inspired by a cocoa pod.  They incorporate wonderful texture and a change in patina, as well as including interesting use of negative space.  I always get compliments when I wear my pod.  A great interpretation of the natural world.

Gail Friedman cocoapod series

Gail Friedman cocoapod series

Have an inspiring Monday!


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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2 Responses to Inspiration Monday: November 2, 2009

  1. Beth says:

    Trees and animals are always big on my inspiration list, but when it comes to what other craftsman are doing, I think basketry comes high on my inspiration list. Some of the basketry that’s being done now is *so* lovely! 😀

    • claytastic says:

      Beth, I agree with you. Your comment reminds me of a basket that I recently saw that I just loved. I will have to post that some Monday. Indeed, I have been experimenting with basket forms. Most have clay handles but I made one this weekend that will take a twig handle I intend to craft out of grape and kiwi vines that I prune in February. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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