Wood-Fired Pin-Up Girl and the Humor of the Kiln Gods

It has been a rough week.  Last Monday I found out that the wood firing I had planned for for months wasn’t happening.  I had 5 plastic totes of bisque ware (much of it glazed) with no kiln home.  It wasn’t until Thursday that I was able to recover enough from my disappointment to open the totes, sort through the work and create a plan.

Part 1 of the plan is to fire the glazed work in our studio’s gas reduction kiln in mid-November.  It will be a group of us and should be great fun, sans the ash.

Part 2 of the plan is to move all the unglazed work through the 3 electric kilns that support the Art League school.  Great . . . until two of them went down on Friday.  Aargh.  I was really feeling like the kiln gods were working against me. We got one fixed on Saturday and I spent two days loading, firing and unloading kilns to clear the backlog of work that was piling up in our kiln room.  The work was therapeutic, but my disappointment was still palpable.

As if an omen to pull me out of my funk and remind me not to give up on wood firing, I learned this morning that the pitcher below was selected as the August pot in Potters Council’s Wood-fired calendar for 2010.  To see the entire calendar or purchase your own copy, go to the Potters Council Store.



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7 Responses to Wood-Fired Pin-Up Girl and the Humor of the Kiln Gods

  1. Paula says:

    I’ve had days like that (albeit with much less production). But wow! Congratulations on the calendar. The pitcher is beautiful. Nice work!!

  2. StoneTosser says:


    wonderful news! and wonderful pitcher! it’s really stunning. i love the lines and the glaze. understated but very decorative. it absolutely deserves the recognition. congratulations!

    i can just imagine how frustrating all the kiln-gremlins are for you at this time of year. hang in there! wonderful things are ahead! (i’m just sure of it. i mean, turkey at least, right?)


  3. Congrats on the pitcher selection for the calendar! It IS a beauty! And as far as the kilns go, it really does seem like sometimes, things just pile up on us. Hang in there.

  4. judi tavill says:

    Screw the negative part.Don’t dwell on it(easier said than done) The pitcher is great and you are doing great. Beautiful work!

  5. claytastic says:

    Thanks for everyone’s support. You gals are great. Hope the kiln gods are listening.

  6. Don Olliff says:


    Sorry for all the problems you’ve been going thru. Congratulations on the beautiful pitcher acceptance!

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