Inspiration Monday – December 21, 2009

Having the pitcher to the right selected for a pottery calendar recently inspired me to revisit this form.  In addition to the simple lines of the body, what really catches me about this form is the handle.I love how it rises off the put, reaching the sky and then gently returns to the pot, creating a negative space that counterbalances the unglazed portion of the form.

I threw a series of pitchers a few weeks ago and was putting handles on them.  As I went pitcher by pitcher attaching and pulling handles, I found that they got more and more extreme.  When I stepped back from the last pitcher, I was reminded of the handles on many ancient Greek vessels.

When I traveled to Greece in 2006 I had a small digital camera with me.  The Greeks are liberal in allowing you take to take photographs in museums.  I took hundreds of pictures. When I sorted through them at home, I noticed that I was drawn to those forms with the exaggerated handles.  I was as intrigued by the negative space as by the vessel itself.

The interesting thing about my recent experience with the pitchers is that I had not looked at my Greece pottery photos in well over a year.  Yet the images were still there.  Still fueling my muse.  I expect to see more Greek-inspired handles appearing in my work.


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Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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