Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It looks like we are getting our white Christmas here in Northern Virginia.  Always a treat for this native Southern Californian.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who follows my blog and has supported me in my artistic and spiritual journey this year.  This has been a scary and exciting year with lots of personal growth, large and small professional achievements and some pretty awesome pots.

As I look forward, I anticipate a year of continued growth with lots of challenges and opportunities.  I hope to meet all of them with grace.  To be better prepared, I am taking a respite over the next week to reenergize and prioritize.  In the spirit of rebirth that is marked by the yuletide I will reflect on the past and prepare for the future.

However you spend and celebrate this holiday season, I hope you have a safe and peaceful time.  And above all, stay centered.


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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6 Responses to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  1. Mystic Silks says:

    And Laurie , you take a deep healing breath, and know that something way bigger than all of us is in control.

    Blessing to you.


  2. God bless and give you peace as well:)

    (My deck is also covered in snow)

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  4. linda starr says:

    happy holidays, love the piles of snow; easy for me to say since I have none here.

  5. I, too believe their is someone bigger than ourselves who knows every single thought and feeling you are experiencing right now and cares very much.
    May you have peace and understanding in this coming year.
    God Bless,

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