Taking some time to enjoy my new work.

I get dizzy when I think about how much is going on in the next 11 days.  When I leave work today, I will be headed to a slide show by Nick Joerling. I will then spend Saturday and Sunday at Nick’s workshop at the Art League.  Saturday night, I will be doing more home sale prep of my work, such as taking pictures, posting them on my facebook page and pricing.

Oribe and salt yellow bowl

Tall red pitcher

After Joerling’s workshop, I am off to Philly to attend the “Making Through Living . . . “ conference with superstars like Ron Myers, Christa Assad and Ellen Shankin, to name a few.  Wednesday I will be at NCECA meeting vendors, picking up some new tools and connecting with friends.  I return home Wednesday night so I can work at my day job on Thursday. I will then spend next Friday preparing the yard for my home sale, picking up tables, and baked goods and other refreshments.  Then it will be two days of welcoming friends, old and new, for a magical time with pottery and cherry blossom petals. After all that, I take 5 of my best pieces to the Torpedo Factory in hopes of being juried in as a member.


Large yellow bowl

Sound exhausting?  Sorta, but not really.  And that is the thing I love about clay.  I have spent the last two evenings, going through boxes of newly fired pots.  Looking at each one.  Taking its photo.  (Some of my favorites are shown in this post).  Making a record of the clay, glaze, size and firing method.  Deciding if it goes in my sale, or gets reserved for a show submission.  It might sound tedious, but there I am spending an evening with pottery.  I love getting to spend this time with my pots.  It’s like meditation or quiet reflection with each piece. I take note of things I want to improve and things I want to replicate.  It all goes back to the fact that clay sustains me.  Clay energizes me.  So I look at the next 11 days as a retreat of sorts – completely committed and immersed in my passion.

Wood-fired Oribe Planter


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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3 Responses to Taking some time to enjoy my new work.

  1. Jerry says:

    I love love love that oribe planter. Best of luck getting juried into the Torpedo Factory! You would be in great company.

  2. claytastic says:

    Thanks Jerry. Should I hold that Oribe planter for you?

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