Getting Ready for the Gas Firing.

If all goes as planned, Lorraine Oerth and I will be firing the gas kiln again in a few weeks.  This last weekend was my final opportunity to get items made so they can be bisque fired in time. Since I’m bisque firing on Friday, I needed to make  non-fussy items, i.e., not attachments.

Nine pound serving bowls before trimming, Laurie Erdman

But not to be bored, I tried some new forms with some new clay.  I have been wanting to make some bigger serving bowls, so I gave that a whirl at 6 to 9 pounds.  I was also trying out a new clay body – Orange Stone by Highwater Clay.  I am particularly interested in how this will turn out in the wood kiln in the fall, but thought I would see how it throws.  I threw about 50 pounds of it and loved it.  Next will be to see how it takes attachments.  But not for this firing.  Nope just serving bowls, spice cups (for those cooks in the house), and pasta bowls.

Pasta bowls and spice cups in progress. Laurie Erdman

I am planning on bisque firing everything on Friday.  So right now, every thing is on ware carts drying.

This firing will include a collection of experiments.  On the bowl below, you can see evidence of my new tool that I made, inspired by Ruthanne Tudball.  I also have a few moquettes of some trays that I have been wanting to make. Also a new dinner plate design.  Otherwise, lots of bowls, a few combined vases and teabowls and a family of dancing cruets.  It will be an exciting unloading.

Bowls and plates drying on the ware cart. Laurie Erdman


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One Response to Getting Ready for the Gas Firing.

  1. Hi,

    I really like your posting on clay getting ready for the gas firing. I especially love the new tool that you made, inspired by Ruthanne Tudball.

    I hope to see more of your great postings.

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