Inspiration Monday – Sitting down with Ruth Duckworth

Ruth Duckworth

Here is a review I recently wrote of the DVD: Ruth Duckworth: A Life in Clay

I first saw Ruth Duckworth’s work in 2007 at the James Renwick Museum in Washington, D.C. It was my first lesson in how photographs don’t tell the whole ceramic story. I wasn’t a big fan of sculptural ceramics and never much fancied modern or post-modern design. But after seeing her art in person, I was converted. As I walked through the gallery, each piece was richer and more complex in its simplicity. Before exiting the exhibit, there was a short film about Ruth. I don’t normally watch these museum videos, but this time I couldn’t help myself. There she was, the little woman who—even in her 80s—was a spitfire. I wanted to know more about this woman. I was mesmerized by her story, her courage and her strength.

To read the remainder of the review, visit Pottery Production Practices.


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3 Responses to Inspiration Monday – Sitting down with Ruth Duckworth

  1. John Dorsey says:

    I love RD – I actually came to ceramics via sculpture and she was one of my first avenues in: along with Mary Barringer, Karen Karnes, and Maren Kloppman…

    • John, good deal. I am well grounded in functional. But I have ventured into the more sculptural realm on occasion. Since watching the video a few times to write the review I find myself inspired to explore more of the sculptural side. I’m also fascinated by her murals and have been contemplating tiles or wall installations. Funny how these little things are like a stone tossed into a pond.

  2. Vicki says:

    Ah yes, Ruth Duckworth, one of my favorites as well, both in her work and her life. And I agree, the pictures don’t do the work justice, whenever I have a chance to see some of it I am blown away all over again. Thanks for the reminder and the photo :]

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