Journey Toward my Passion: Expanding my creative license and a few teapots

As I mentioned last week, I have been writing. In fact, I have been writing a lot and this has resulted in a bit of conflict between my creative cells.  Well, I am happy to announce that I am coming out of my potter’s block.

Two Teapots

Last week, while firing I decided that I would use my creative funk to work on teapots.  Not the smartest thing since teapots are about the hardest form a potter can make.  But hey, I had 12 hours to burn, why not.

I started with 4 bodies and then threw numerous spouts and lids.  At the end of the day, I ended up with these two.  I am really happy with them.  These are by far the best teapots I have made. I just can’t believe that I have to wait until September to see them fired (they are going into the wood kiln).  I have been looking at these pots a lot in the last week and there I things I will tweak – like trimming the foot like I do my bowls, move the spouts up a bit to mimic the handle placement, loosen up the spout for some more movement, etc.  But I will be playing in the realm of tweaks, not wholesale newness.  I like the form, and the way the parts come together.  Now I just refine.  So out of this block has come something that has eluded me for years.

New Ventures

It’s ironic that the same week that I feel like I have found solid ground on teapots, I am officially starting a new creative venture (as if the teapots weren’t enough).  My recent writing spree has been part of my becoming an official blogger on Owning

What is Owning Pink?

Owning Pink is go-to place for inspiration, whole health, and authentic community.  The site invites everyone to OWN whatever is missing in their lives in order to reclaim their mojo (defined by Owning Pink as MOre JOy). I found Owning Pink a year ago and have found it to be one of the most authentic places on the internet. I always find what I need there from advice on following my passion to stories that inspire me to overcome my fears to tips on having faith that life will deliver what I need.

Why am I writing there?

Because I was called to.  I found that as I journeyed from corporate suit to ceramic artist, I was finding MOre JOy.  But my joy disappeared when I was diagnosed with MS.  My biggest worry was that I would have to give up pottery at some point. But pottery helped me reclaim my Mojo.

As I was learning how to live a more centered life from clay, I found a voice.  A voice that I shared here and in other places.  A voice that people connected with.  But not everything this voice has to say fits here.  This is a place for pottery and my artistic journey.  Owning Pink gives me a home to share the other part of my voice.

What will I write about at Owning Pink?

My journey is no longer just about pots.  Living with a chronic illness has added a whole layer of complexity to my life.  It has minimized some fears and spawned others.  It’s made life more complicated. I’ve had to get creative to maintain balance in my life – taking care of my health, continuing to work and still play in the clay.  I will share tips and inspiration about all of this at Owning Pink. I hope that everyone who struggles to keep balance can benefit from the lessons I have been learning.

If this sounds interesting, you can follow me here.

Will I keep this blog?

You bet I will.  I have a large voice.  Pottery is my passion.  I could never leave the subject of pottery.  So, yes, I will continue to write here about my pots, showcase other’s work and investigate the spiritual aspect and life lessons of pottery. I also hope to write in other pottery venues as those opportunities arise.

I breath, therefore I pot.  I pot, therefore I write.

Creatively yours,


Potter and Writer


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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4 Responses to Journey Toward my Passion: Expanding my creative license and a few teapots

  1. Don Olliff says:


    I love your new teapots and I love reading your posts. Sorry to hear about the MS. Life just isn’t fair! My best wishes to you.


    • Thanks Don. No life is not fair. Yet life is funny as well. On some days I fear MS has closed the door on my pottery career. On other days, I see all the doors – both pottery and writing – that MS seems to be opening. Life, more than being unfair, is a journey. Thanks for reading.


  2. judi tavill says:

    Go girl. You are a powerful energy. So glad you are out there!

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