Get Big Impact From Tiny Teapots with Fong Choo – Registration is OPEN

Fong Choo will be giving a 2 day weekend workshop, with potluck and slide show Friday night on September 10, 11 and 12, 2010 at the Art League in Alexandria.

Register hereFong Choo Teapot

I recently met Fong Choo at the Smithsonian Crafts Show.  I will always remember him at the guy with the big personality and tiny teapots.  I was mesmerized by his teapots.  And you will be to.

The teapots bodies are thrown and altered on the wheel, and then embellished with handbuilt handles, feet, and spouts. Fong layers commercial glazes to get amazing surfaces. He will demonstrate his method of throw, altering and handbuilding to make these little gems.  He will also discuss his method of glazing and firing.

In his own words:

For more than a decade I’ve been exploring the teapot in its miniaturized form. The teapot form continues to challenge and fascinate me, and the idea of doing one thing and doing it well has been central to the success of my profession as a potter. There are a lot of techniques involved in making these teapots, and some of the techniques require tools that I have made for myself to suit a certain situation.

Although a native of Singapore, I attended college in North Carolina with graduate work in Kentucky at the University of Louisville. I’m inspired by my Chinese heritage, and particularly in the long tradition of Yixing pottery. My teapots are small and jewel-like, made of porcelain and often fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln.

Fong Choo teapot

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Mark your calendars and I will update this post when registration is open.


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4 Responses to Get Big Impact From Tiny Teapots with Fong Choo – Registration is OPEN

  1. pzkinsmith says:

    Wow. Those are absolutely incredible. Spectacular. Thanks for sharing it.

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