Foodie Potter Alters her Diet

Recent gas fired serving bowl by Laurie Erdman

Most potters I know are foodies to some extent.  Maybe we become potters because we want to put good food in beautiful containers. Maybe we become foodies to put beautiful yummy food in our beautiful wonderful creations.

Either way, when I had to change my diet recently, I lost and then rediscovered my foodie self.  Just in time for when I started making generous serving bowls like the one above.

For more on my food journey, check out my Owning Pink post.


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2 Responses to Foodie Potter Alters her Diet

  1. jim says:

    hi laurie,
    that quinoa looks yummy. i read the article on the “owning pink” blog and was very interested in the account of how you ended up where you have food-wise. i love food as well and had been a vegetarian in past years and about 5 years ago became a vegan after reading a book called “the china study” which confirms things that you said in your article. i recently have been watching “the lifegenerator” guy on youtube who is a real hoot and also a raw food advocate. although i don’t think i’m ready to go that far yet i’m curious about the recipes you use that you mentioned in the other post, particularly the ones using parsley and kale. i’ve tried several but so far it’s hit or miss. the ones that you like… are they all from the websites that are mentioned in the post?

    • Jim, good for you to be checking out these ways of eating. It is definitely a challenge, but at some point it becomes an engrained way of life. I’m visiting a friend this week and she is having a hard time getting her head around this diet. She is intrigued but it is definitely a challenge since she has two small children. Being here reminds me radically different my diet seems to others. But it is so natural to me.

      Six months into my new way of eating, I have decided to not go completely raw, but I do incorporate a lot of raw foods. I do notice that when I juice regularly, I feel better. But it’s just not realistic the entire time. Especially when on vacation.

      The recipes I have been using are on those websites, although I always make a few modifications here and there. Here is the quinoa/avocado salad pictured above:

      I’m a big fan of this carrot salad, although I use mangoes instead of pineapple:

      Another favorite for when you get that protein craving. I substitute rice noodels:

      As for kale, some of my favs are a variation on ribiollita (the italian bread soup) sans the bread. I make it in the crockpot and let it simmer all day with the kale. Yummy – but not so good on hot D.C. days 🙂 I also toss the kale with olive oil and crushed garlic and bake it. It gets krispy and yummy. I also bake the kale with sweet potatoes and garlic.

      Juicing is amazing, if you haven’t tried it yet. Kale is my preferred base for green juice. I will often add parsley, but have discovered that cilantro adds a great twist. Another yummy juicing combo: 1 small beet; 2 carrots, 2 peeled oranges, ginger to taste.

      I’m seriously considering writing a cookbook for those of us who aren’t entirely vegan, but don’t eat meat or dairy. And those of us who dabble in raw, but aren’t 100% there. Stay tuned 🙂

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