Fall is here, it must mean another wood-firing

Tomorrow I am loading 170 pots (small to large) in the wood-kiln.  We will fire this weekend and unload next Wednesday (and you wondered where I got the “wood-fired wednesday” idea).  When looking at the calendar, I realized that my wood-firings have been in conjunction with the seasonal changes.  This year, I fired on the spring  equinox.  I will unload this firing on the autumnal equinox.  I don’t know how this happens, it just happens.  But as my husband says, “there are no mistakes.”

Seasons are about changes.  From spring through the hibernation of winter, the seasons mark changes in our environment and in our lives.  This year has brought many changes in my life.  Many of which I can mark by my time with the wood-kiln.


My winter was all about hunkering down with my diagnosis and changing to a healthy lifestyle.  During that process, I made a lot of pots. I made pots in part to meditate on the changes going in my life and in part to remind myself that I wasn’t disabled. I was alive and kicking.


With the spring came the firing of those winter pots and the ceasing of doubts.  With every pot I made, I wondered:  “Would I be able to handle the hard work of wood-firing?” Would the lack of sleep and the hard work trigger a relapse?” Thanks to the wood-firing community and my intent to stay healthy, the firing was a success in every way.  The pots were wonderful and my health remained in tact. I entered spring having proved to myself that I could continue to make pots the way I wanted to make them.


Summer came and I grew and changed.  I focused on fine tuning my work and my health.  My body of work became more cohesive.  I finally made a teapot that I liked, a lot.  Having proven that I could still push myself for my passion, I made a lot of work. I also learned my limitations and how to adapt. I added yoga to my daily routine and became stronger physically and mentally because of it. I also rested in preparation for the changes that would come with fall.


While fall is about harvest, there is also the lingering feelings of new beginnings left over from those many years in school.  This fall is no different.

This fall I will further refine my approach to health living while starting a new chapter.  I am taking my own health success as inspiration to begin studying to be a wellness coach. I look forward to learning more on a subject that I am passionate about.  And I am excited to help others find the joys of living a healthy life style.

In keeping with fall traditions, next Wednesday I will “harvest” numerous touts of new pots.  Many of the  pots are experimental in form or surface treatment. I anticipate these experiments will lead my work in new directions.  So this fall I plan to take a break from “producing.”  I will not stop creating, however.  Instead, I will play.  I will pursue the things that have been haunting my dreams.  I will begin to explore my ideas of clay in small scale architectural ceramics.  Oh, and still working on those teapots.

I’ll see you back here next week, with pictures of the wood-firing.  The two things I am most excited to see are my teapots and dinnerware.  Stay tuned.

What kind of change are you anticipating this fall?


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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One Response to Fall is here, it must mean another wood-firing

  1. I just realized that this week marks the one year anniversary of my MS symptoms. I am happy to say that I have been symptom free for at least 6 months and stronger than I have been in years. Let’s hear it for radical self-care, including the power of creativity.

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