Firing up the wood-kiln at Baltimore – Round 3

View through the passive damper

This last weekend marked the third time in the last year I fired my work in the wood kiln at Baltimore Clay Works.  There were five us (two associates, three students and two wood-firing virgins) from the Art League.  My anxiety over not having enough work paid off (sort of).  Most of the crew got all their work in, but I was left with a dozen or so pots that returned home.  Yes, I’m already contemplating Round 4.

Lot's of pots

More pots - for the salt chamber

Bricking the Salt Chamber

We spent Friday loading and then the weekend taking the lead from Jim Dugan and his assistant Justin from MICA in stoking and salting the kiln.  Tomorrow we unload.

Morning stoking

Marlisa adding soda

The big decision of the firing was how much salt/soda.  We went with 1 pound of salt and 5 pounds of soda, which was prepared with water and laid out on boards.

Hot Pots

Beautiful flame

I’ll post more pics once the results are in.

I also want to give a big thanks to Jon Randall for sharing his great photography skills with Spirit of Clay.


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4 Responses to Firing up the wood-kiln at Baltimore – Round 3

  1. Tim Sherman says:

    Great pics Laurie! I think the one of the early morning flame coming out of the stack is the best I have seen from this kiln. cant wait to see everything!

  2. Thanks Tim. That pic was by John. We stoked the kiln pretty heavy for the pic.

    I’m a tad concerned about oxidation in the wood-chamber, but still excited to see the results. Especially the work on the bag-wall. See ya tomorrow.

  3. Connie says:

    Wow, what fun. It’s been forever since I’ve fired a wood kiln. Your pictures made me miss it.

  4. judi tavill says:

    some day….
    I may try to get in there.
    looks great.

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