A Study in Handles – the Aftermath

Perky Loop - Wood-fired

Back in August, I posted about a new form I was making (now called a cracker basket) and my experimentation with handles on that form. A little slow, but I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of those six pots.  Here they are.

As I wrote then, I was sitting with the pots to determine which handle I liked the best.  In the green state, it was definitely crimped. But now that they are all fired and glazed, my opinion is shifting.

Tiny Loop - Salt/Soda-glazed




Tiny loop holds tremendous appeal. My finger tuck underneath the handle easily.  And then there are the colors that are so appealing.


Crimped - Wood-fired

Flattened - Salt/Soda-Glazed

Droppy - Wood-fired

Standing At Attention - Salt/soda-glazed

Crimped is not holding as much appeal as it did in the green state, although I do love the distribution of ash on the rim.


One other observation I have on these forms is that a constrasting color on the interior/rim/handle is very attractive.


So what are your thoughts on this motley collection?  Any favorites? If so, why?


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One Response to A Study in Handles – the Aftermath

  1. Love the color and easy functionality of “tiny loops” — color combo is pretty and the smaller handles look like they’d work well without danger of them being knock off if the piece is being stored in a cabinet when not in use. Still I think I like “stand at attention” most. as the more dramatic handles still seem effortless. Could see it as a constant on a counter or kitchen table holding fruit or whatever. Storage wouldn’t be an issue because you wouldn’t want to store it away.

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