Lorna Meaden Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia

There are a few ceramic artists whose work really captures my attention.  They are artists who have a fresh take on functional forms, and not just your standard bowl and mug. I love it when artists take on daily functional forms that are not typically made of clay, such as watering cans, baskets, buckets, candelabras, etc. So when I discovered Lorna Meaden’s work, I was mesmerized.

I am thrilled to announce that Lorna is coming to my home studio for a weekend workshop. Here is the description:

This workshop addresses ways to create pots with a generous sense of volume and fluidity of line using wheel-thrown and altered porcelain. Lornas vocabulary of forms ranges from pots for daily use to atypical forms such as watering cans and spoons. Demonstrations include altering pots on and off the wheel, in addition to using drawn patterns to hand build spouts and handles. Surface treatment demonstrations consist of slip inlay, and glaze decoration using wax and latex.

Come join us on March 18, 19 and 20, 2011 at the Art League in Alexandria.

Register Now.


About Claytastic

Health coach. Writer. Teacher. Artist. Living an amazing life with MS. Interested in bringing peace and beauty into people's lives.
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2 Responses to Lorna Meaden Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia

  1. Conne says:

    I wish I could take that workshop. I love Lorna’s work.

    • It seems there are so many great workshops I want to take this year. At least 4 of which are in Italy. I definitely lucked out that Lorna is coming to my studio. I have a mug of her’s that I just love.

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