Artist Statement

My environment, in its micro and macro context, influences my work. While being true to my functional intent, each piece is my loose interpretation of the fluid lines and shapes that touch my heart: a tomato, a sea shell or a seed pod.

I also view each pot as a component in a landscape.  That landscape may be a kitchen cabinet, a dining table or a mantle. Regardless, I intend that my fluid, organic forms, with their varied colors, mimic the landscapes that are important in my life. I am drawn to the barren yet vibrant Turkish desert; the blue Aegean; the green-forested mountains of western Virginia and the undulating California foothills.

I create this ceramic landscape by starting on the potter’s wheel.  Each thrown form is  altered with a handmade tool before being removed. A combination of slips and glazes are applied before being wood-fired. The colors and resulting variations of wood-firing are a perfect fit to create a reflection of that individual and collective landscape.