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  1. SUSAN MYERS says:

    Hello and greetings from South Florida! I am truly inspired by your work…I am a new potter and have recently become adicted to this medium…Although I took clay in college, it has been only within the past 2 years that it has become my passion…Last year my husband bought me a wheel, and as a great surprise for my 50th birthday next month, he just purchased me an electric kiln…I too have just set up a small studio at my home , tho I am a member of our local Ceramic/Art league in Miami…It is a great refreshment to be able to work in the comforts of home…Gardening is also a part of our lives as my husband and I live on 2 acres in a native hammock here in South Florida and he has over the years developed a very unique Tropical garden hosting rare Tropical fruits and vegetables…This sustainable lifestyle is something that we are very much committed to and encourage others to try …Thank you for sharing your gift and thank you for your inspirations…I look forward to following your work and suggestions as I try new techniques…Blessings…Susan Myers

    • claytastic says:


      How great to have a fully equipped studio. And what a great hubby you have. I also find clay addictive. I, like you, started out just dabbling, but it became a true passion a couple of years ago. I don’t have the space for a fully equipped studio in my home, but do enjoy the community of an art school. I hoping to find a residency position in the DC area so I can experiment more with glazes and firing techniques.

      Keep up the good work. And please share pics of your work when you get a chance.

  2. Susan Myers says:

    Good morning, was wondering if you could tell me the types of glazes you use…do you buy your glazes pre mixed or do you mix them yourself…I love the green and yellow, and your white and brick red glaze…I believe you said you fire to cone 6…just did my first test firing in my new kiln…hopeing to take it higher…

    • claytastic says:

      Susan, I work out of an art school and these are the glazes that are available. I don’t currently have the recipe but hope to soon. I’ll let you know when I have it.

      I do most of my glaze firing to cone 6. However, I will be doing more cone 10 firings soon, both gas, fire and salt.

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  4. RKaur says:

    Hi there,

    Just found your website and read what you wrote about centering on the wheel. I am very new to clay, but already feel the pull and know that I ought to be making pots. But am struggling with centering and pulling my cylinders. I was lucky to get an old pottery wheel, so do practice a bit at home, but it’s frustrating to not get it 😦

    I am not willing to give up, but don’t know what I am doing wrong. Am going to be taking classes as well. But was wondering how it was for you when you began working with clay at first. Is it hard or is it just me… I also struggle with ideas at times… I do have a lot to learn though.

    Any suggestions would be welcome

    • Oh yes. I absolutely struggled. Centering and pulling cylinders is very hard. Just keep practicing. And if possible, don’t focus on the resulting pot. Focus on honing your skill. Throwing and recycling is a great way to learn and lessens the frustration that comes with being attached to the final product.

      Keep it up. You will get it. No one is born knowing how to do this.

      Good luck and keep me posted.

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