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The Last Firing?

Tomorrow we are loading the kiln for my long delayed wood-firing.  I’ve got a lot of pots and am really excited about the results.  However, there is a cloud looming over this firing.  I am wondering if this will be … Continue reading

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Fall is here, it must mean another wood-firing

Tomorrow I am loading 170 pots (small to large) in the wood-kiln.  We will fire this weekend and unload next Wednesday (and you wondered where I got the “wood-fired wednesday” idea).  When looking at the calendar, I realized that my … Continue reading

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Disrupting the Flow

There is nothing like a vacation to disrupt the flow of the making process. While the pots haven’t been multiplying in the last week, I always find that time away from the studio is time where ideas creep in and … Continue reading

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They’re Here! The wood-fired pots of spring.

Like the brooms of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a lively collection of pots came marching out of the kiln this morning.  Here are the post-unloading group shots.  My biggest surprise was how all my Reitz Green glazed pieces turned blue.  I … Continue reading

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Loading for the Spring Equinox

It’s spring and its time for another wood firing.  Imagine the happy dance and you will know what I am doing in my kitchen right now. I spent yesterday with 6 other potters, including Jim Dugan, wadding pots and loading … Continue reading

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